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The Black Rock Learning Center seeks to enhance the quality of life and promotes the dignity of children. The Black Rock Learning Center offers programs to foster each child’s fullest development and integration into the community while promoting maximum independence. We highly encourage the integration of family in planning and maintaining a comfortable environment during the time the child spends at the center. All children in the center are motivated to achieve higher in their activities and academics; children’s achievements are evaluated through assessments based on practical demonstrations of each child’s skill level in areas set forth by the Maryland Department of Education. Additionally, the Black Rock Learning Center is committed to working with the community by advocating and educating them on childcare standards. All infant and toddler classes have a 3:1 student to provider ratio, and pre-kindergarten classes have a ratio of 6:1.


The Kingsview Learning Center has been in operation and fully licensed by Maryland Child Care Administration since 2000. As parents who were deeply interested in the growth, disciple, and comfort of our children not only at home, but also at school, we were interested in creating a curriculum that was suitable and comfortable for all children. Based on those values, we began our own small childcare center to create the same environment for children who had immense potential to grow. After much success, our interest in early childhood education highly increased, and we started Black Rock Learning Center to put into effect a valuable curriculum both students and parents would be fond of.

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