Infant / Toddler Care

Reading Time

Reading simple picture books to infants and toddler encourages language development, and recognition of tones and feelings underlying something said

Circle Time

the routine of circle time provides comfort and predictability to the infants and toddlers. It encourages language development, social interactions, and familiarity of objects.

Movement Time

With music, infants and toddlers can move their body parts, and develop motor skills and hand-eye coordination through dancing to the rhythm of the music. It also provides a calming transition between activities in the classroom.

Rest Time

Children are provided various rest times as needed based on their individual schedule under close supervision of providers.

Activity Time

Playtime is an everyday routine but flexible for each child’s personality. Children play outside if the weather appropriate or placed in high-chairs in the classroom to explore and interact with manipulative toys.

Nourishment & Feeding

Infants are fed food brought from home to help the transition from feeding at home to feeding in the learning center.

Potty Training

Providers are trained to recognize the time that toddlers express interest and readiness in beginning toilet training based on individual basis. The same methods at the center are also discussed with parents/guardians and encouraged to be repeated at home.

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