After / Before School

Your child is unique! Why shouldn’t your Before/Aftercare be unique as well?

Our Program

Schools: Serving Matsunaga and Great Seneca Creek Elementary Schools
Grades: PreK-5th Grade
Days: Monday-Friday (open most holidays and half days)
Hours: Morning 7:00am-9:00am and Afternoon 3:30pm-6:00pm
Transportation: Children are picked up and dropped off at the Center via standard school bus routes. Our devoted staff get the kids on the bus each morning and greet them with a smile at the end of the day!

Learning Support

Our staff of trained teachers help kids establish good homework habits and provide support to students during homework time. Through daily one on one interactions, our teachers are able to be your “on the ground support team”, monitoring the progress of each child in their schoolwork and communicating that regularly.

Running, Climbing, Playing

Everyone needs to let off a little steam after a long day at school! Black Rock kids can run and climb on the playground out back, or join in games in the large field adjacent to the center. During cold or severe weather, the children play in the open space on the lower level of the center.

Nurturing your Child

A low child/staff ratio enables the fantastic staff at Black Rock to create customized activities that encourage your child’s innate curiosity about the world!

Our program is deliberately small and we encourage all children at the center to interact and learn from one another. Younger kids are inspired by seeing what their older peers are striving toward, and older students strengthen their own understanding about the world by offering compassionate mentorship to other kids at the center.

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